Storm 17

The Storm 17 family dayboat has space for up to 6 people and is available in epoxy ply or glass fibre.  She is easily trailered behind the average family car and has plenty of essential stowage space.

Length: 16ft 7ins (5.1m)
Beam: 6ft (1.85m)
Weight: 390 lbs/177kg (Wood); 563lbs/256kg (Glass Fibre)

A Boat Built to Travel
Storm 17 is a boat that can take you places. She is significantly more stable and roomy than her smaller sister, yet is still easily transported on her purpose built trailer. Her combination of
moderate weight (250kg, or 550lbs) and easily driven double-ended hull form makes her eminently row-able. Provision for a small engine (2-3hp long shaft) in a dedicated well means you can sail with peace of mind knowing you have two other power options should the wind die.

A Boat for the Family
She can seat a large family and has an optional folding spray hood which provides useful shelter for crew if the weather turns bad. There are substantial amounts of storage room in hatches under her foredeck and the decks themselves are inset a few inches so any items placed on them will not be lost overboard. An optional watertight storage hatch is available which is useful for cameras, phones and other items that must be kept dry at all cost. A coaming runs right round the cockpit providing a comfortable backrest for all, and the high boom means that no heads will get hit.

Surprising Performance
The prototype has been averaged at 7.1 knots in a force 4, with two aboard. She easily out sails many traditional style boats of her type and while she was never intended as an out and out racer, no one ever said it was more fun to go slowly than fast! As an optional extra, we can supply a roller furling asymmetric spinnaker that really adds to her speed, especially in light winds.

A Versatile Rig
Storm 17’s standard rig is a gunter ketch. Whilst we would be happy to discuss different rig options with individuals, we feel that this rig has a lot going for it. The most obvious benefit is the easy way in which the rig can be tamed by dropping the mainsail. If conditions worsen while you are out, then simply release the halyard and the main sail and yard drop into the boat. Perfectly balanced under Jib and Mizzen, she transforms into a benign, upright and reassuring little craft, a very useful feature if you have reluctant crew on board.

Everyone asks about how the tiller works in relation to the mizzen. We always invite them onboard for a go and once they sit themselves against the comfortable curved back rest, it becomes obvious how easy it is. The slight weather helm ensures the tiller is always on your side of the boat and when going about you simply push it over, swap sides (it’s not in the way) and pick it up on the new tack.

Safe and Seaworthy
Her hull has expanded foam buoyancy (or air tanks in the wooden version) under the seats and in a bow compartment. In the GRP version, the inner moulding is entirely open and water anywhere in the boat will drain to the cockpit floor where you can see it, not hidden under a GRP floor. We feel this point is vital as too often double floors can hide problems and make large parts of a boat inaccessible. Her hollow sealed spars mean that a 180 degree inversion is very unlikely and she can be righted easily.
She passes the EU RCD tests for Category C (Inshore)

Come and Try Her!
We always welcome the chance to get out of the workshop and go sailing so please do contact us if you would like to arrange a test sail. The west coast of Wales is beautiful and there are plenty of things for families to do, wonderful beaches, wildlife parks and of course, sailing. We can recommend an excellent local bed and breakfast and you will be able to look round our workshops and talk to us in depth.