Storm 15

The Mk II version of our popular Storm Petrel design, the Storm 15 is a perfect size for families and single handers.  She is available as a kit or complete and has been a very popular boat since her introduction in Jan 2006.

Length: 14ft 9ins (4.5m)
Beam: 5ft 2ins (1.56m)
Weight: 220 lbs (100kg)

The Storm 15 has been designed as a replacement for our popular Storm Petrel Design. The original boat has now been discontinued as a kit though you can still read about her here. The new boat is nearly a foot longer, with more freeboard and stability. She has substantially more room in the cockpit as the fore and aft bulkheads have been moved relatively, and the dagger or centreboard is not so intrusive.

Elegant Design
Storm 15 is a modern interpretation of the famously seaworthy Scottish and Scandinavian fishing boats. Like many of our boats she is distinctive because of a lack of transom, her sharp stern putting the water back as she found it. Combine this with her modest 100kg (220lbs) hull weight and you have a boat that is a joy to row as well as sail.

Easy to Rig
The unstayed mast makes her very quick to rig and the small self tacking jib adds performance in lighter airs (simply drop the jib as the first reef point). Modern epoxy ply construction techniques have revolutionised the wooden boat building industry. Our boats are bonded and coated with extremely durable WEST system epoxy which means that the only parts needing maintenance are the varnished pieces, most of which are removable. And since these are all from highly durable timber, varnish need only be added for cosmetic reasons.

Spacious Cockpit
Her cockpit has room for 4-6 people, though she is perfectly easy to singlehand. She has a central rowing seat and a choice of either a hinged centerboard or simple daggerboard.There is plenty of room for a picnic basket and dedicated lockers port and starboard under the foredeck provide further storage. She has room for a small outboard in the well against the aft bulkhead. We recommend the smallest 2-stroke available but an electric outboard should be considered too.

Easy to Sail
Under sail she behaves impeccably, never missing a tack yet still tracking easily. She points high and sails fast, particularly in light winds where she will show a clean pair of heels to many surprised dinghy sailors. The gunter rigged mainsail has a simple raised sprit boom to avoid heads, though a traditional boom could be fitted.

The rudder is hinged on a long pin using solid bronze fittings. It can be raised and lowered using an uphaul line for sailing in shallow water, obviating the need for a hinged rudder blade. Although we have carried her on a car roofrack, we would not recommend doing this regularly. Instead we can supply a lightweight road trailer & number plate board made up to your registration. This becomes the easiest way of launch and recovery and she is easily stored in the garage or outside under her purpose made cover.

Safe Fun and Seaworthy
The  fact that she is built from durable hardwood and epoxy/marine ply makes her  unsinkable, but airtight buoyancy under the side seats make her easy to re-enter & bail in the unlikely event of a capsize. She has passed her EU tests for RCD Category D (Sheltered Water).

She is available as a kit or as a complete boat.